It’s Spooky Season! 👻

Halloween is not only celebrated on October 31st, but during the entire month of October and some people festive activities in September! What a fun time of year – candy, pumpkins, pranks, etc. However, this may not be a fun time for some of other family members in our house – and we need to remember to some safety tips for our animals in order for them to feel safe.

Keep your fur kiddos at home

Leave Fido at home during trick or treating, most neighborhoods are very busy with parents and children and this can be stressful for a dog. Not to mention, most of them are wearing masks and costumes, and this can stress your dog out even more. Scared dogs, even the nicest ones, may growl and bite when they feel threatened. This is not a time to take your dog out for a walk, schedule that time before trick or treaters because this is a stressful time for your pup.

Costume safety

If you decide to dress your pet in a costume for Halloween ( a lot of people do!), remember that it needs to be loose enough for freedom of movement, but not loose enough to trip up paws. With all that being said, make sure you are aware of costume pieces and accessories that can be easily swallowed. Do not use any hair dyes or paints, these can be bad for their skin and/or they could lick their fur and ingest possibly toxic products. Easy way to dress your pet for Halloween is to use a Halloween-themed bandana – very stylish and safe.

Calming area

Even though you left your fur babies at home, doesn’t mean they feel completely calm. Think about all of the children screaming, ringing doorbells, costumes with all kinds of smells – that would make any animal uneasy because it’s not “normal” to them. A lot of people are entering a home, and most of them are strangers so this could make a “safe place” feel very dangerous leading to a pet feeling vulnerable. Turn on a TV, radio, or white noise machine to dull the sound of the doorbell and exuberant trick or treaters. Or better yet, pre-empt the doorbell by sitting outside and intercepting children before they reach your front door.

Steer treats away from your pet

Keep all candy safely out of reach – this is the easiest route to take when it comes to Halloween treats for animals. Intestinal upsets, GI blockages, and pancreatitis can result from eating items not normally on your pet’s menu.

Decorate with safety in mind

They say pumpkin is good for dogs, but just like anything it cause GI upset when consumed in large quantities. Be careful when decorating, there are so many things that animals can ingest and block their intestines. There is also the potential of a fire hazard when lighting candles or Jack-O-Lanterns, these should only be lit when there is plenty of adult supervision.


Spooky season can be super fun, just keep your pets in mind when you prepare for all of the festivities! 🐾