It’s that time of year again, where fireworks are abundant! This is when a lot of pet owners start to deal  animals that anxious due to fireworks. It’s even largely believed that Independence Day is the day when the highest number of dogs run away. A lot of cats tend to hide for even longer under the bed, couch, blankets, etc. Farm animals should be stalled and away from the noise and lights, if this isn’t possible then make sure all fences are well locked Horses and ponies tend to run when they hear these loud noises, and they could run through a gate if it is not locked properly.  If you pet is afraid of thunderstorms, most likely they will not enjoy a firework show!


Some helpful tips to do BEFORE the fireworks begin:

1. Keep Your Pet Away From Fireworks Keeping your pet inside or in a barn is the best idea, especially if you are not sure how they will react.

2. Make Sure Your Pet Has Proper ID – Collars, microchips, tags, etc. should all be up to date. Whether it’s a phone number or an address, there needs to be some identification on your pets in case they were to escape. 

3. Create a Safe Haven For Your Pet – Setting up a quiet space away from windows with favorite treats and toys is a great way to keep them comfortable during all of this.

4. Play White Noise – TV’s, radios, and fans are all great ways to distract pets during fireworks. 

5. Comfort Your Pet – If you can stay close to your animal or have a trusted person with them, they will feel safer and it soothes them. Do not be anxious yourself, they will be pick up on your behavior and will become more fearful. Stay calm for them, and reassure your pet that everything will be okay.

6. Exercise Them Before the Fireworks Start – Tiring out your pet will assist with the noise that will come later.

7. Desensitize Your Pet to the Sounds of Fireworks – If you think your pet will be afraid of fireworks, try playing sounds of fireworks to get them used to the idea. Make sure the volume is not up extremely high, just enough that they can hear it but not freaking out. While playing these sounds, add favorite treats and toys to the mix. This helps them learn that they are not scary!

8. Talk to Your Vet – If you think your pet needs anxiety medication, give us a call. We have some natural supplements and we also have anxiety meds that can help ease everything.